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What happens when I get a Traffic Ticket?

When you cited with a traffic violation, the ticket usually indicates a date and time at which you are supposed to appear in a county courthouse. Appearing in court can be intimidating, time consuming and affect your insurance premiums. Many people have the mistaken belief that paying off their traffic tickets takes care of their problem. Paying off your ticket can increase your monthly payments for your auto insurance or worse yet, cause you to revoke your drivers license.

How Can the Law Offices of David A. Concha, P.C., help you with your traffic violation?

If you need a traffic ticket lawyer and live in Mecklenburg County, Cabarrus County, Gaston County, Iredell County and Union County, we can help you. Traffic violation lawyer David Concha will appear on your behalf, talk to the Assistant District Attorney and explain your situation to the Judge if necessary. If your appearance is not necessary we will go to traffic court for you. If your traffic violation case requires your appearance, then we will try to handle your matter quickly so you can get back to your job or whatever other activities you have going on in your personal life. Traffic ticket Attorney David Concha has developed relationships in all of these counties and always attempt to get your charges dismissed or negotiate the best plea to minimize the damage you could suffer as a result of a traffic conviction. Many times we can get a Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC), which, results in no points, a reduction in speed, Improper Equipment, or other dispositions that have no negative impact on your insurance rates or cause the least impact possible. What we are able to negotiate will depend on your driving history and some times your personal interaction with the police officer that gave you the ticket. Below we have provided the differing point systems.

Offense DMV Points
Driving While Impaired (DWI) 12
Passing a Stopped School Bus 5
Aggressive Driving 5
Hit and Run (property damage) 4
Careless and Reckless Driving 4
Following too Closely 4
Illegal Passing 4
Stop Sign Violation 3
Stop Light Violation 3
Speeding at a speed > 55 mph 3
School Zone Violations 3
Failure to Yield Right of Way 3
No Operator’s License (NOL) 3
No Liability Insurance 3
“Other” Moving Violations 1


No Points Convictions

The following offenses have no point assignments:

  • Carrying concealed weapon
  • Illegal parking
  • Improper plates
  • Improper registration
  • Over loads
  • Over width/height and/or length
  • Unlawful display of emblems and insignia
  • Improper muffler
  • Improper display of license plates or dealer’s tags

North Carolina Insurance Points:

The North Carolina Department of Insurance (NCDOI) regulates the insurance rates in North Carolina. An insured’s rate will be surcharged based on the number of insurance points that they receive during a three (3) year experience period. The following are the surcharges that will be assessed against an insured based on the number of insurance points received:

One Point 25% Five Points 105% Nine Points 225%
Two Points 45% Six Points 130% Ten Points 260%
Three Points 60% Seven Points 160% Eleven Points 300%
Four Points 80% Eight Points 190% Twelve Points 340%


The NCDOI has listed traffic offenses that will cause an insured to receive insurance points.

Click to view the full document provided by the NCDOI.

If you live in the Charlotte area or surrounding counties we serve and have a traffic violation you need assistance with, call David Concha’s Charlotte Law Offices at (704) 525-8824.

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